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impling asked: Can i ask what you plan to charge for the monsters?




i hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly!  but i figured it’s a good question that will probably get asked again, so it’s easier for me / other people if it’s somewhere easily referenced.

so far i’ve only got some of ‘em priced, i’m sort of winging it from there — the little ones, without fancy add-ons, i’m putting up for $10 (+$3 shipping, $5 international; i don’t actually know what they’ll end up costing to ship so that may get adjusted, but i figured it gave me some wiggle without making them too much more expensive).  they’re all around the four-five inch tall range, with little embroidery faces / outsides.

i figure i’ll go up and down from there, but use that as my baseline.  the biggest/fanciest one i have already made right now is 7” tall with 6” wingspan, a pretty button eye and a little necklace made out of trim.  between time + materials i was planning to list it at $25.  the next-biggest is 5”, with tiny stubby wings but no extra embellishments; i figured he’d be about $15.

(so basically: $10-$15 baseline, but up or down from there depending on size / materials / intricacy)

(also man i’ve never done this before i HOPE that’s reasonable?)

Okay, pricing. Before I ever actually priced anything, I did this thing where I talked to a very close friend who happens to be an engineer.  He made me a friggin’ excel workbook with bits and labels and figures and formulas. I still have it and to this day it’s what I use whenever I want to price something new.

(Artsy types are NOT KNOWN for really grasping what their work is worth. I’m hesitant to call myself an artsy type because I don’t make much lately and have a hard time seeing my work as anything other than an amateur playing around with toys.  Artsy types also have a tendency to look at their work and try to figure out what THEY would pay for it… which is never as much as someone who doesn’t have the skill would pay for it.  Of course the artist wouldn’t pay much for that work- they can go home and make it. To other people, that skill is nothing short of magic and worth actual money.)

The base key is materials+time.  figure out exactly how much money you have in materials (which is a BITCH when you are dealing with small bits of stuff that you buy in quantity. All those tiny books in my etsy store? strips of paper from the bigger books, maybe 18 inches of thread, a 1x2 inch scrap of leather, a few drops of glue, a jump ring I made myself, and 18-24 inches of chain that I buy by the yard. pricing those is a PAIN). Round up if there’s much doubt, add some markup for the fuel and/or time in acquiring them. (standard markup in businesses is like 30%.)

Then comes the time! What is your time worth? Never price your time below minimum wage. That is undercutting both you AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT SELLS THEIR STUFF.  People consistently charging next to nothing for their work means that the market expects really low prices for handmade things, no matter what they are, and badger crafters and artists to charge less.  Not something we want to perpetuate. The stuff I do that is pretty mindless I charge about 8 per hour, if it’s fiddly or annoying or a skill I’m really proud of I charge closer to 15 or 20.  I think the standard for people who make their living by crafting is about 30.

Time what you do. Time each step if possible, so if you skip a step because of whatever, you can take it out- or if something happens that increases one step of the process, you only have to re-time that one step. Add about 15% to the time because things do not always go smoothly.  They do that when figuring prices for just about anything in the business industry- it’s called PF&D.  Personnel fatigue and delay. 

once you’ve got the total time, you can calculate how much to charge for your labor and then add that to the materials cost and voila. base price! Fiddle with it from there based on the venue- add in Etsy seller fees and Paypal fees if you’re going that route, booth fee if you’re doing it at a craft fair, that kind of thing.  I like to round to the nearest dollar after that.

of course… I also tend to charge the same thing regardless of venue, because I am not trying to make a living at this and I don’t want to try to remember different prices.  I’m not charging less than minimum wage for my labor either way, so I don’t worry too much about it. 

(dear heavens, I sound like I know what I’m talking about)

Having bought a gorgeous notebook from impling and knowing my skills even at my most handy/creative/skilled - I still feel like I got it at a bargain.

Don’t underprice your art.

In my digital history class, there was a bit in the reading on design about getting an art student to help “for little or no fee as a chance to try out and improve their new skills” - my only note on that paragraph is a large, red, NO.  I will be addressing this in class on Tuesday.

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linn-zy said: OMG I am gonna do a carpal tunnel surgery next week, I really hope it goes all well…I’ve heard that it varies from case to case. Any general tips of what to do to not go crazy while healing?

As far as not going stir crazy, lots of tv and Internet helps. But try doing some of the things you enjoy anyway. As long as you don’t push yourself too hard, some stuff might still be possible. Unless you want to go play sports… That might not work lol. The surgery itself went really simple. I opted for a "bier block" which basically only applied the anesthetic to my arm. I still had to be put to sleep, but it was a much safer process this way with less side effects. I wasn’t incoherent and dizzy when I woke up.

Just follow the directions your doctor gives you. I didn’t experience anything more than a dull ache when my surgery was over. I kept waiting for the pain to get worse, but it didn’t, so I never got my pain pill prescription filled. Heck, I never even needed to take any aleve or aspirin for it.

Even once it is healed up and the stitches come out, it will be tender. I stumbled a couple months after my surgery and I caught myself against the wall with that hand, and smacked the heel of my hand on the wall. OMG. It hurt so bad I shed a few tears! Even though the skin is healed and the hand is functioning normally, the cartilage inside that has been cut, has not fully healed.

It’s been just over a year since my surgery now, and my hand has no scar and no pain, and it functions normally. I think I first noticed the pain being gone completely (when I bump my hand on things), just under a year past my surgery. I made sure to stretch it as often as possible while healing. Buy yourself one of those hand strengthening squeeze balls. It will hurt to use at first, but it is worth it.

Good luck on your surgery! It’s probably the simplest, easiest one you will ever have!

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smileniallxx asked: Why aren't you creating ponies? :(

The simple reason is “I don’t feel like it right now at this point in my life.”

The long reason is a series of unfortunate events, beginning with my cat getting sick. Followed by carpal tunnel surgery on one hand, tendonitis in the other hand, along with a case of trigger finger. (yes, trigger finger is a real thing lol). While my hands mended, I got interested in other hobbies. During this time I also made a career change. I went from being a baker to being a 911 Dispatcher, a career I am very proud to have. This required a lot of studying and training and had a year long probation period. I went through a lot of stress during that training period, especially at the end. I had suffered with depression and minor anxiety in the past, but had been able to manage without getting medicated. I finally bit the bullet and went to see a therapist, who recommended medication. I am now being medicated for my depression and anxiety and I am doing a lot better. Back in April, my cat Charlotte, who had got sick the previous year, finally had to be put to sleep. She was diagnosed with cancer. I miss her terribly.

But really, all that is just background static to the fact that I am just not ready to work on Ponies any more yet. They are my excuses, but not necessarily the causes.

I will eventually return to Ponies. I still have everything packed into my art station right beside my desk! But I cannot predict when that would be. My husband and I might have to move after Christmas since our apartment complex is looking like they will be raising the rent. If that happens, I am pushing for a 2 bedroom place so I will have somewhere to set up my craft stuff. I feel like if I had an open work space dedicated to one craft, then I would be able to work on ponies again. Right now I have to clear one hobby away and set up for a different hobby. And when you are sculpting on ponies, the set up and clean up time can eat up a lot of my free time. And since I’m working about 10 hours of overtime per week, I havent got as much free time as I would like.

Thank you very much for your interest. I am still always willing to help out new customizers by answering questions! I have a lot of knowledge that I have stored up during my time customizing, and I love sharing it with others!

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My friend is a new author and currently is offering her first two books for free in exchange for an HONEST review of them on amazon. Really, tell exactly what you think. Both books will be available soon in print as well.

You can find information about it here:

If you cannot contact her on Google+, please let me know and I will help get you in touch with her for your free copies.

"Lotus Petals" is a darker F/F romance set in Edo-period Japan, featuring a human courtesan who falls in love with her master’s vampire bride. This is a bit more serious book and the first in its series. 75k words.

"Goblin Fires" is a little bit more lighthearted, an urban fantasy adventure about a Goblin Knight who has been in love with her princess since the day they met, but must love her from afar, as a fae Princess would never be allowed to fraternize with a half-breed Knight. Also the first in its series. 65k words.

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cuteosphere asked: I'm in the process of making a custom Queen Chrysalis and I wanted to ask what technique you used for making the holes in the legs of the one you were working on! Also what technique you used for the really cool wings :o

I drilled holes in her legs using a drill with varying small bit sizes. Go slow and let the bit cool from time to time, otherwise it just melts the plastic. Then I smoothed it as well as I could with sandpaper and an exacto knife. The holes weren’t quite smooth enough for my taste, so I used some apoxie sculpt to line them and smooth out the edges. Then I sanded everything down and painted her black.

The wings were done with wire, fantasy film, paint, and glitter. Though, I kinda regret the glitter. If I ever finish her, I might remake the wings with no glitter, or minimal glitter. There is a tutorial on how to work with Fantasy film in my tutorial section, on the right.

3 notes & brantwijn serrah: Kindle Store

My best friend has just released her second book, Goblin Fires! Please check it out! If you like reading Lesbian romances, and you enjoy Faerie court intrigue, then this is a book for you!

And if you haven’t already tried out Lotus Petals, her first book released, then please also try it out also! It’s a great Vampire drama, lesbian romance, adventurous book!

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Memorial tattoo for Charlotte. Done by Matt O’Baugh at Black Cobra Tattoo in Sherwood, Ar.

Matt used the actual paw print I had taken of Charlottes paws in this design. It’s simple and I love it. The tattoo is only minutes old, and as it heals, he says there will be a better gradient between the white and black.

It would have looked better to reverse the black and white, and have black tips, but Charlotte was mostly black, so I needed this color scheme in her memory.

A while back I had a fundraiser for medical bills for Charlotte. It wasn’t determined what was wrong with her at the time. She took a turn for the worse not too long ago, resulting in more vet trips, eventually diagnosing her with lymphoma. She has since then been put to sleep.

I just thought I would share this memorial tattoo I got in her honor. Since you guys supported me during her first bout of vet visits, I figured some of you might like to know what happened to her.

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Anonymous asked: What supplies should i use? Can you give me a list of the brand names? Thanks! :)

While I haven’t had the time to work on anything in almost a year now, these are the brands I have used and enjoyed.

Liquid Fusion - Waterproof urethane glue. Good for sealing reroots or repairing tears to vinyl.

Testors Dullcote - Spray sealant. The current label on this one might look different than pictured in the link.

Testors acrylic paint - Smooth paint that rarely needs thinned, but is hard to find. You can find Testors Model Master Acryl paints, which are very similar, but not quite the same.

Createx airbrush acrylics - another great paint that does not need thinned. These paints cure fully with heat. I have tried blow drying them finished job to try and heat cure the paint, but it doesn’t work well. The paint scratches easily, and should be left to dry a bit longer than average. They need to be sealed very well.

Deco Art, Triple Thick - Highly glossy, durable sealant. A little goes a long way. Do not touch it till it dries 100% solid. If you are doing it thick, apply it as fast as possible, with as little brush strokes as possible, or you run the risk of making it dry cloudy.

Poly Flake glitter - very fine glitter

Loctite Super Glue GEL - for gluing heads back on.

Aves, Apoxie Sculpt - two part air dry sculpting clay.

Mod Podge matte-mat - watered down only, to the consistency of milk. Makes a good brush on sealant,but it is NOT waterproof. Should not be used in humid climates, or applied on humid days. The pony it is used on should not be stored in a humid place. It can become sticky.  That said, I have had no problems with it personally, using it thinned down.

Paashe airbrush - I THINK this is the one I bought, but not sure.

Dremel - Mostly used for cutting needles for rerooting tools, but also has been useful in sanding larger Apoxie Sculpt projects.

Reroot tool - There are no brand names for these. they are most often hand made. I used to make and sell them, but I have not had the time for such things in a long while.

Doll Hair is tricky.. has the best service I have experienced, however, most of their stock is preorder only. has a huge selection, but you risk your order being wrong, shorted, over charged, or never sent at all in the worst case. They have horrible customer service. But right now, they have the best in stock selection. I do not personally buy from them directly any longer. Order from them at your own risk.

Those are the main things, off the top of my head. Feel free to ask about something more specific if I haven’t listed it here. I will do my best to answer any and all questions :)

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Anonymous asked: Hi I'm interested in buying some of your decorated ponies. However, I can't seem to find the ones for sale!! Would you be able to link me to a page where you have some up for grabs?! Cheers!

Hi, I am not currently creating any ponies, otherwise I would love to link you some to buy. A good place to look is on eBay, do a search for custom pony. Or check (I think that’s correct) and check the sales forums or customizers forums. A lot of time artists will sell there.

If anyone following this blog has custom ponies for sale, please reblog this post along with details of what you have for sale and where to buy it, so that Anony can find you and check you out!

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If this uploads right, then this is how I reroot. Some people don’t seem to understand how I can use both the reroot tool and the knot method at the same time, so this is mainly for them. The hair is pretty secure and doesn’t need glue if you are gentle with it. It probably wouldn’t stand up to a kid playing with it though.

From here out, the updates will be long apart. This is the tedious time consuming part of rerooting.

1. Tie hair over your finger, you don’t want to make a comlete knot. Think of it like the first step you take when tying your shoe: over then under ;)

2. Pull the ends even, and taut.

3. Slide the reroot tool under the hair. The groove along the edge of your fingernail works well for this, but I often do it against my skin since I have a bit of a callus built up.

4. Place your fingertip over the tip of the needle so the hair doesnt, fall off.

5. Pull the hair down till the loop tightens around the needle, then hold the hair against the handle.

6. Keeping the hair held against the handle so that the knot doesnt slip off, position the needle against the hole so that the shorter tine of the needle, is pointed away from the neighboring holes. this minimizes the tearing that can happen with the vinyl when you reroot.

7. Push in gently.

8. Let go of the hair where you were holding it against the handle, and remove the tool. Gently pull on the plug of hair, till you feel the knot pull against the vinyl. If the plug comes out due to thinness, just tuck it in again. you don’t have to make a second knot in it. Just be gentle with it and dont pull it tight. You can always do a layer of glue inside if you need to later.

The trick is to make the plugs thick enough for the knot to hold, but not so thick that the hair comes out too thick in the end. Only practice and experience can help with this.

Reblogged this from my personal blog. This is how I reroot both ponies and monster high dolls. Hope it is useful for someone!

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Chainmaille Giveaway!!
I’d decided to host a giveaway. Yay!
1 prize will be awarded: a custom chainmaille piece made by me. (You may selected 2 pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet, or 1 necklace, done in up to 3 colors)
Each follower at the end of the giveaway will get one entry.
You do not have to be a follower to win, though I’d love it if you were
Each reblog of this complete post will get one entry
You may have multiple accounts
I will ship overseas, but outside the US you will need to pay for shipping
This giveaway ends on Oct. 31st midnight Eastern time
The winner will be selected randomly, and be sent a message. They will have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.
But wait, there’s more!
From now through Nov 30th use the coupon code ‘tumblr’ to receive 15% off your order in my etsy shop.


Chainmaille Giveaway!!

I’d decided to host a giveaway. Yay!

1 prize will be awarded: a custom chainmaille piece made by me. (You may selected 2 pairs of earrings, 1 bracelet, or 1 necklace, done in up to 3 colors)


  • Each follower at the end of the giveaway will get one entry.
  • You do not have to be a follower to win, though I’d love it if you were
  • Each reblog of this complete post will get one entry
  • You may have multiple accounts
  • I will ship overseas, but outside the US you will need to pay for shipping
  • This giveaway ends on Oct. 31st midnight Eastern time

The winner will be selected randomly, and be sent a message. They will have 24 hours to respond before I select a new winner.

But wait, there’s more!

From now through Nov 30th use the coupon code ‘tumblr’ to receive 15% off your order in my etsy shop.

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