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Promotional day!

OK.. SWTOR is down for patching.. I have at least 5 different pony designs I could or should be working on right now. Only 2 of them matter, because commissions come first always!

But for now, I am going to dedicate a block of time to doing some promotion work for this tumblr. If you could take a moment today to suggest this blog to someone, that would really make my day.

I customize ponies because I love doing it. Unfortunately, customizing ponies isn’t something you really make money off of. The hours you put into a custom, and the supplies you buy to make them, just don’t add up to profit. Money is tight for me since I am trying very hard to get out of debt this year. The only way I can afford to partake in my hobby is by selling commissions to people. Every dime I make gets spent on more supplies needed to create even better ponies. So of course, having more viewers means more chances of getting orders, and that means you guys get new commissions to watch being made, as well as stuff I make for fun.

So spread the word! Thanks folks!


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