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Golden harvest is finished. I’ll be mailing her out tomorrow, I think.

This pony was a prize for a contest I held back in Jan/Feb. In order to enter, a contestant had to be a follower of this tumblr, and they had to reblog the original contest page. The first two winners I drew failed to respond when I contacted them, so this gal is actually going to the third person I drew. I will have another contest when this tumblr reaches 300 followers. So if you are out there looking at this tumblr from a bookmark, and you want a chance to win a free commission, just take a moment and make a tumblr account and click follow. I don’t care if you decide not to post anything other than contest entries to your tumblr. :)

Golden Harvest started out life as a Pinkie Pie. She was rehaired with Tangerine Dollyhair and repainted with Golden Blond Master Series Paint. Her entire body was sealed in Mod Podge to prevent scuffing or chipping. She is very sturdy, but is not designed for actual play.

If you would like to order a commission, I currently have a waiting list, but would be happy to discuss it with you. Please send an email to

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