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Bugle Attending the Masquerade Ball as a Magpie

This is my most recently created swap pony for a swap at the My Little Pony Arena forums, and is the last swap pony I have. This means I am down to just personal trades now and my contest prize.

My partner for this trade had two ideas that I meshed together for this.. She wanted the custom to be of her persona, Bugle, made with a real fox tail. Or, to do a magpie theme using real magpie feathers. I decided to do Bugle dressed up as a Magpie. Unfortunately, the feathers I ordered were bigger than anticipated. The feathers used on this mask have actually been cut down. So I had to rely a lot on coloring to get the image across.

I wish I had been able to do more detail to this dress, but I was short on both time and ideas. Patterns are certainly a weak point for me! I was also torn by the desire to let the sculpting stand out, as I am rather proud of the sculpting on this piece.

The hair for the pony in this picture is done in two braids. It is NOT intended to be displayed this way. Unbraided, the hair is wavy and very pretty, but since I was running short on time, I was unable to photograph it down and then get stuck needing to rebraid it.

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Finished: Harry Dresden

This pony is in the mail and on it’s way to Jim Butcher. I hope he likes it! I forgot to take proper pictures, so here are the hurried ones I took.

I am accepting commissions for this design. Please feel free to email me, or to drop by my store and buy a retainer. Notice, retainers once purchased are nonrefundable. So if you have questions, email me first! Each Harry Dresden style pony may take at least one month to complete, possibly longer depending on a variety of factors. Like if something breaks, or I have to order parts, or I get sick.

If you were to order this style, “Bob the Skull” would not be included, and the price would be $60 +Shipping. Due to the fragile sculpting, priority mail is the only option available. If you are overseas, please be aware that this can be upwards of $30 in shipping fees. If you wanted a “Bob the Skull” to go with your Harry Dresden, it would be an additional $20.

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