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32 hours and going

So.. I sleep Allll day.. Have a normal day, sleep ALLL day.. am up 32 hours so far.. I have 5 Derpy Hooves painted grey. They need eyes, cutie marks, and hair. Three of them are sold, two of them will be for sale. $35 each +Shipping. Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in speaking up for one. I don’t hold anything, so first come first serve.

Granny smith needs braids and a bonnet and she is done. Also for sale. Likely $40 if I sculpt her bonnet and shawl. $35 without.

Godzilla still needs toes and paint.

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Derpy Hooves

To everyone who has been asking about Derpy commissions, please read the following.

The light yellow hair that works best for Derpy is out of stock. It has been for months, and I finally received word from Dollyhair, that they expect it to be 3 months longer before they restock it.

In the meantime, I am keeping an eye out for Fashion Style Applejack ponies. Applejack has the right color hair to use on Derpy. Dollyhair suggested I just order white and yellow from them and comb them together to make a lighter yellow… Eh.. No. I’m not comfortable with the quality of that. Applejack works better.

I would love to have some Fashion Style Applejack ponies so I can steal their hair, to use on Derpy, and I would just like to have some of the bodies around to customize if I wanted, also.

SO.. On all FUTURE orders, if you can find a Fashion Style Applejack (the larger doll that sells for about $12), I will discount your order by what she costs, if you send me one, and I will waive shipping fees. (Note: I’m not giving you a $60 discount if you spend $60 buying one from amazon where her price has been jacked up. I’ll discount on big chain retail prices only) If you pay for shipping, and I pay for shipping, it balances out. You can take Applejack out of her box to mail her if you like. It might make it cheaper.

I’m going to limit this discount to one per customer. I reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time. If I do so, I will delete this post.

In the meantime, I am ordering a few colors of hair from another website, to see if I can find a match. Please bear with me as I try to work around this problem.

Of course, if you liked the Derpy I posted before, and don’t mind her hair being a bit on the bright side, I can make her for you no problemo.

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