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Special Cause Raffle for Shilo

I am posting this on behalf of one of my fellow pony customizers and I hope that you all decide to get involved. I will vouch for the quality of her customs, as I currently have a commission placed with her.

On to the details!

This is Lilacamy and I am holding a raffle in aid of a good cause. My cat Shilo has been through some very recent times recently and we are still battling on with a hope to get her home from the vet soon. It has been fairly traumatic as last Friday we were being given the news there was a high chance the problem was not good and also the operation we would need to see any problems she may not make it through as so weak.

As you can imagine I am distraught but my husband and I, being completely devoted to our pets are taking the last hump to try and figure out what is wrong with her and save her. We have since had her pull through the operation and a couple of things have been found (hopefully fixable) and now we wait the next 48 hours which are critical. This is going to include a large vet bill which we have taken upon ourselves and wanted to open a raffle and anyone able to contribute would be so much appreciated. We have to try this last hurdle to get our baby better otherwise I just dont think I could forgive myself if we didnt give it our all. I promise to offer something good in return and just wanted to thank you for all the help and support I have received so far that has been so so lovely. Here is a picture of my lovely in her healthy glory (unfortunately now sometime ago):

On to the raffle, I am UK based and everyone around the world is welcome to join. I am worried about being penalized by Paypal so am going to use Chipin. It works the same and the payment is processed by paypal but all it means is your payment is secure and I wont get smacked for being naughty.

Please do not mention the word raffle anywhere

I will close on 24th August 2012 and use the famous Random.Org to select the winner!

For the tickets:

£1 for 1 ticket = 1.57485 USD
£5 for 6 tickets = 7.87425 USD
£10 for 15 tickets =15.7485 USD

Here is the link to make secure paypal payments:

Now the important bit a prize:

The winner pretty much gets to choose a custom of their making! Here are some samples of my work, and a DeviantArt link for more examples:

There is a also a second prize by my best friend Izrabeth(a chance to get a kimono pony custom).

P.s. I have done rough conversions in main currencies hope it helps!

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These are preliminary concept sketches for the pony I am making from the raffle that just ended. Waiting on feedback before I begin.

I know. Crappy drawings. But they get the idea across and that’s all I worry about. I don’t have the time to pour into something eye popping and stunning for a concept sketch.

I feel compelled to mention that the color is splotchy because the brush is semi transparent, so it got darker where it was layered. >.< I just didn’t want to lose my lines.

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Contest Update

Today is February 1, 2012 and you have about 14 days left to make sure you are entered in the contest to win a FREE customized my little pony. Registering is easy. Just go to the contest page (linked at the end of this post) and reblog the contest page. Make sure you are following my tumblr, and send me an Ask or a Submit, telling me or showing me what you would like your pony to look like when it is customized.

Right now We have 16 entries. I promised to do a second winner if we got over 50 entries, and at this rate, it doesn’t look like we are going to hit that. But you never know. I might get surprised. :)


Don’t forget to enter the contest! Are you signed up? 3 easy steps to enter!

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