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Please pay close attention. Everything you need to know is right here.

I have some customizing supplies I am looking to liquidate in order to get some money to put aside for carpal tunnel surgery. Since I am going to be advertising these items for sale here as well as on a forum, I must ask that anyone interested please contact me via email: Please include the shipping location so I can get your shipping quote.

I am willing to ship outside the USA if your order is $10 or more not including the price of shipping. You must still pay for shipping though.

I will not hold items for people. If you ask me for a quote, I will send it to you. If you want the items you will have 24 hours to pay from the time I send your quote, or I will sell to the next interested person. If you pay after I have already moved on to the next person, I will refund your money. If that person doesn’t pay, then I will offer it to you again before moving on.

If you have any questions about any items, please let me know. All ponies are from my bait drawer. Flaws range from regrind to markers to dented plastic. Some baits are prepped, most are not.

Supplies have mostly all been used to some degree, though not a ton.

Pony Lot 1 & Pony Lot 2
All ponies are $3 Both Fashion Style ponies are $10 each

Assortment Lot 1
1.Gem Lot $3
2. Magpie Small Feathers. 60 feathers, maybe a couple less. I didn’t use many. $30 (I paid $40 originally for 70 total)
3 - 8. $2 each. Blue wire doesn’t have a number, just refer to it by color.
9. Blue Glow in the Dark powder. Can be mixed with any clear sealer, but I found it works best in mod podge. $5
10 - 13. $5 each
14. $1 Hair pins
15 & 16 $5 each
17. $2 Jewelry making head pins. (Thank you Fae Links!)
18.$3  Jewelry pins - I have seen these used in other ponies for hair ornaments that trinkets get dangled from.
19. Swarovsky Flat Backs. Some of these are hot fix, some are not hot fix. A few bags are open, 6 at most. Only a couple gems are used from each open bag. There are 33 bags, with 10 gems in each bag. Every bag should be a different color. 330 gems. I have probably used 10 of those.. Let’s say 15 to be safe. So around 315 gems. I am asking $30.
20 - 26 $1 each. The last three items are small colored chains.

Assortment Lot 2
$15 -Picture Day Spectra Detailed Picture Day Spectra Flaws1 Flaws 2. She comes with her pants, earrings, necklace, and bracelet.
1 & 2 Butterflies. Plastic wings that seemed good for detaching to make wings for ponies. $2 each
3 - 7 $5 each. 6 and 7 are Angelina Film. Only a very tiny bit has been used from them. Like, two sets of wings.
8 & 9 $1 each.
10 - 23 .50 each or make me an offer
24 & 25 $1 each
26 $3 Slightly scuffed but it has been inside the box the whole time, so I assume the scuffing is from the box.
27. Spectra. See detail pics linked at the top of this list. Asking $15
Forgot to number Penny Candy original box $5

$55 - Furby has been used only long enough to set it’s attitude to “evil” and to annoy my husband. Comes with batteries and evil attitude loaded. You can always reboot him to set the attitude yourself.
$10 - Skylanders original Cynder. New in box

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Airbrush for sale

If anyone is in need of an airbrush, I just listed one on ebay.

I got it on sale at Michaels, even though it wasn’t what I really wanted. Now I am suffering buyers remorse and would rather sell it and just keep saving for what I really want.

If you know someone who needs an airbrush, I would love it if you shared this auction with them. Thank you so much!

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Fore Sale: Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake

These are not my ponies, but they belong to someone over on the MLP Arena forums who is trying to sell them.

She is asking $25 for the pair of them, Plus shipping. If you are interested, you can email her at

Personally, I’d say the pair of them are so darn adorable, she ought to charge at least $40 for them. I’d be surprised if they last long, so shoot her an email quick! Offering her more than she is asking for might be a great way to stand out if she does get a lot of offers. ;)

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