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There are some really rockin’ MLP:FIM plushies out there, and they always seem to be out of my price range and ability.. So I was wondering if anyone reading this message happens to make plushies along a similar quality as this Fluttershy:

Would you be interested in doing a trade? I will customize a pony for you, in any way that you want, if you will sew me a plushie Fluttershy. On the extremely rare (im not gonna hold my breath) chance that more than one person offers, I would also love a Rainbow Dash, or a Rarity.

Feel free to drop me a line if you are interested in the trade.

If people would be so kind as to re-blog this, I would be ever so grateful. The more it gets shared, the better chance I have of finding someone to trade with.

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Ebay of the Day

I may or may not do these daily.. but for now.. An Ebay listing that is just too damn adorable! As of this day, it has 4 days left to bid.

A figurine of Spike and Rarity kissing.

I wish I could insert a picture, but I can’t figure out how to do so from Ebay.

Thank you to FisherPon for reminding me to check the source code of the web page to grab the image URL!

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If you haven’t found this gem yet already, be sure to check out this My Little Pony soundboard by Kyrospawn. I downloaded the whole thing and used it to make some ringtones for my iPhone using an app called Rmaker. It’s a free app. Some of the files are a bit quiet, but you can up the volume using a program like Audacity so you can have louder ringtones.

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