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Contest MAJOR Update

Go to this official contest page to view some shanges I have made to the contest.

"But CP, I already entered! Why did you change it on me?"

Not to worry, dear. You still get your choice of pony if you win, and I will double check with any winner I draw to make sure that I do the right pony out of the available ponies.

You see, I added two g4 ponies to the lot, because so many people told me they hate the G1 ponies. That’s cool. We all like different things. You now have a G4 Earth Pony and Unicorn to pick from as well.

Also, I am going to draw up to a maximum of 5 winners. One winner will be drawn no matter how many entries I get, and they get first pick. Then if I get over 50 entries, I will draw a second winner, and they get second pick. If I get another 50, a third winner who gets third pick, and so on and so forth.

So don’t forget to be sure to follow all three steps listed on the contest page to enter. 1 Follow, 2 Reblog, 3 Let me know!

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If you haven’t found this gem yet already, be sure to check out this My Little Pony soundboard by Kyrospawn. I downloaded the whole thing and used it to make some ringtones for my iPhone using an app called Rmaker. It’s a free app. Some of the files are a bit quiet, but you can up the volume using a program like Audacity so you can have louder ringtones.

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